CoD: Black Ops Cold War – 1 Day License


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Crooked Arms is one of the best software provider for Call of Duty Cold War Hacks. It is very flexible for the users as it comes with multiple subscriptions and the price range is customer friendly. 

 Windows 10, x64
Kernel version: 1903 (18362), 1909 (18363), 2004 (19041), 20H2 (19042), 21H1 (19043)
CPU: Intel, AMD

Additional information:
Works in modes: Network game | Zombie mode

Project type: External
Game mode: Windowed
use the xbox bar (Win + G) to play outside the window
Cheat is not visible on video, screenshots or screen shots

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Due to the nature of the product, we do not allow chargebacks nor refunds. We also don't have control if the menu developer's decide to shutdown as we are mere resellers. MindStop does not condone usage of Mods Online. Kindly read our Terms and Conditions.

cold war hacks

Cold War hacks function:


  •    Name
  •    Health
  •    Distance
  •    Line
  •    2D Box
  •    Skeleton
  •    Size line skeleton
  •    Backlight distance (10m to 1000m)
  •    Additional distance for Name, Health
  •    Shot Prediction


  •    Enable radar
  •    Size
  •    Position by X
  •    Position by Y
  •    Alpha (General transparency)
  •    Backlight distance


  • In developing


  •    Enable aimbot (triggered by holding down the specified key)
  •    Priority type – on sight -on distance
  •    Smoothness guidance
  •    Control radius
  •    Fov (Field of View (FOV))
  •    Distance
  •    Bullet flight time
  •    Bone selection
  •    Key selection

Zombie (when you are the host or leader of the room)

  • Weapon selection (the choice of weapons directly from the cheat menu (the weapon is installed in the 2nd slot)
    does not need to re-enter the battle to change weapons
  • God mode
  • Instant kill
  • Freeze ammo (Infinite ammo)
  • TP all zombies to me
  • Distance to me: (0.000 -…)


  • In developing


  • Color hidden enemy
  • Color visible enemy
  • Target color

The functionality can be changed, added or removed … ***

Instructions after purchase

After successful purchase, you can follow the detailed installation guide available here :

Monthly Subscription

Love the menu already? Purchase the monthly subscription here : CoD: Black Ops Cold War – 31 Days License

Videos: CoD: Black Ops Cold War – 1 Day License

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CoD: Black Ops Cold War – 1 Day License
CoD: Black Ops Cold War – 1 Day License


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